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The Clemency Board Establishment Act of 2018 established the District of Columbia's Clemency Board (“Clemency Board”) within the Executive Office of the Mayor to review the applications of people convicted of D.C. Code offenses, and determine which applicants to recommend to the President of the United States for clemency.

Given that D.C. Statehood has yet to be achieved, the Mayor (unlike governors) cannot grant clemency. The Clemency Board will review applications of individuals who have been convicted of D.C. Code offenses and may issue letters of recommendation which will be sent to the President for consideration when granting clemency and a copy to the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Pardon Attorney (DOJ-Pardon). It is important to note that applications to the Clemency Board are not applications for clemency.To be granted clemency you must file an application with DOJ-Pardon, which you can access here